When you want to find love, especially when you are disabled, you don’t want something fussy or overcomplicated. Isn’t love complicated enough? Luckily, was one of the simplest websites I had come across and not just that, it has been the one I have had the most luck with.... Read More »

Another website I seem have found myself having a lot of luck on, is definitely a website to have a shot at, especially if you are looking for love. With the promise of ‘4052’ users online right now (*correct at the time of writing), this might be the only... Read More » has proved to be a great all-round disabled dating website for me, hosting both deaf and able-hearing people, as well as people with a whole host of other disabilities. I was slightly concerned about signing up at first, as I feel the name is ever so slightly misleading, but... Read More »

Despite what the name suggests, covers a wide range of subjects in the world of disabled dating, so don’t be put off by the name. A simple, easy to use website that does pretty much what it says on the tin, I’ve had a lot of luck on the... Read More »

Again, another disabled dating website with a rather nicely “deceiving” name, is packed full of singles with all ranges of disabilities. From guys like me (with severe learning disabilities), to people with amputated limbs and wheelchair requirements, there are people from wall walks of life, and I even came... Read More »

A friend had heard of another friend using and recommended it to me after yet another series of failed dates that didn’t live up to standards enough to get a call-back. I did some research and figured it had mixed (but not bad) reviews, so decided to have a... Read More »

I hadn’t really heard a lot about this website but it seemed to keep popping up as I was looking around the subject of disabled dating, so I felt it was only fair to have a closer look. I soon found out why I hadn’t really heard a lot about... Read More »

I always feel a website title with misspelt words is just a recipe for disaster so I’ll be honest, I didn’t set my expectations too high when I first took a peek at A couple of friends had recommended the site to me, and it didn’t have bad reviews... Read More »

I’ve previously mentioned my disliking of website names that aren’t spelt right, and I’ll say it again – it’s just a little off-putting. It hardly looks professional, does it? And if can’t get the website name right, how are they going to help you find love? I don’t know,... Read More »

I don’t really know where to start with It is meant to be part of a circle of 250+ niche dating sites with 12,000 Facebook likes. This suggested it would be a decent website to use. However, as I was using it, I found more and more things I... Read More »